MARK 51°7 - In the Heart of the Metropolis Ruhr

Central Location

With more than five million inhabitants, the Metropolis Ruhr is the third largest agglomeration in Europe. It is located in the heart of Europe, close to the most important European metropolitan areas.

Bochum is located at the very center of the Ruhr Area which means first class infrastructure, efficient networks and a vibrant market.

Bochum – Knowledge City

By creating a founding environment for young entrepreneurs, the city of Bochum fosters entrepreneurial spirits and proves that it is keeping up with the times.

As one of the top 10 UniverCities in Germany, students and researchers, employers and employees, creative minds and artists have found a common ground.

MARK 51°7 Urban Working Area

MARK 51°7 will be an industrial, technology and knowledge campus that addresses the needs of future work environments and enables companies to provide a highly attractive work climate for their employees all in the spirit of work-life-blending. This creates an area of networked production and microservices that integrates companies, customers, employees and residents alike. MARK 51°7 will become the succinctly designed entrance gate to Bochum. An impressive architecture, attractively designed squares and green spaces open the formerly closed off private area. 

1. Platz Urbanes Flächenrecycling
polis Award Gewinner 2019


We are no longer staring into empty space; the demand for our site is high. All areas prepared during our first development phase have already been sold to or reserved for renowned investors.

60 per cent of our available areas have already been sold and will provide over 6.000 new jobs. These numbers highlight how impressive our future-oriented approach for MARK 51°7 is.


One of the most efficient and modern parcel centers in Europe is currently being constructed on MARK 51°7 and will be ready for launch in winter 2019. It will have a state of the art sorting capacity of 50,000 packages per hour.


office 51°7 is the first completed office building on MARK 51°7. Already fully rented out at its inauguration, the building was transferred to the tenants Goldbeck, AVEVA and eggheads in January 2018.

eggheads GmbH

eggheads is one of the leading providers of standard software for product information management. Their system “eggheads suite” supports all processes from master files and media management to the production of catalogues.

O-WERK Bochum Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG

The former GM administration building will be transformed into an Innovation-Campus by the O-WERK Bochum Verwaltung GmbH & Co. KG of Landmarken AG and will provide its tenants with FabLabs, Co-Working and Maker Spaces in 2019.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

The Ruhr University Bochum will rent fifty per cent of the space in the new O-WERK; providing another anchor point for a technology-oriented generation that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship.

After the Ruhr-Universität Bochum,, will lease 7,000 sqm of the former Opel administration building. As Europe's largest online shop for baby and children's equipment, it is one of the most innovative growth companies in Europe and perfectly complements the concept of the O-WERK.

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Modernize the university campus, strengthen its bonds with the city and develop parts of MARK 51°7 as a technology-oriented knowledge factory - that is the central objective of the Ruhr University on MARK 51°7.


After successfully completing the first construction phase in January 2018, the lighthouse project "office 51°7" at the future location MARK 51°7 will receive a twin. The second construction phase will be realized by the Dortmund Harpen Group, opposite to the Alte Wittener Straße, and is expected to be procured by SCISYS in the middle of 2020 as part of its expansion in Bochum.

MARK 51°7’s main focus is first and foremost on businesses and investors. Our main objective is to catch the interest of companies that are not local and inspire change.

Enno Fuchs
Chief Executive Director of the Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH