Plateau Nord in

Plateau Nord

The Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH is currently working on the development and marketing of another 76,000 sqm sized area of the former Opel manufacturing plant in Bochum Langendreer. Located north of the new Opel distribution center with an elevation of six meters, this area was named Plateau Nord (engl. Plateau North). Among other buildings, this area currently even has the old Opel press plant.

The western part of Plateau Nord is currently being utilized as an education center for immigrants and refugees.

Tenants: QuAZ

We see it as our responsibility to encourage integration processes by giving people with migrant and refugee backgrounds a chance at a future career in the new language acquisition and job training center. focuses on the individual, with their unique skillset and specific living conditions. To achieve this, the center first of all evaluates all personal, professional and language competencies. Based on these insights, possible professional perspectives are evaluated. The next steps are planned, initiated and accompanied by the team.

Located in the former GM teaching center, GM actually gives the access to their machinery and teaching materials, providing the with professional workshops for up to 250 participants.