MARK 51°7

Our Concept

To create synergies, MARK 51°7 gives companies the opportunity to create mutual relationships between the knowledge and business world, leading to constant exchange of information that benefits both sides.

At the same time, MARK 51°7 will be a place of community, a place that is open to anyone and fully integrated into the city. The time of old, dreary office buildings is over. MARK 51°7 will be a place people like to work at. And because of its fantastic accessibility, every corner of the Ruhr Area is just a short ride away.

The reactivation of the former manufacturing area is in full swing. The first plots that are ready for construction have already been sold to investors.


Total site area: 683,000 sqm
Useable industrial and/or commercial space: 455,000 sqm
Public Roads and green spaces: 228,000 sqm

Innovative and secure energy supply network according to customer wishes

  • Heating and cooling networks available throughout the year
  • Utilization of geothermal power
  • Energy input into the heating network as a prosumer
  • Comprehensive fiber optic cable network with data rates above 10 Gbit/s and direct connections to hubs in Amsterdam and Frankfurt
  • Infrastructure secures a high supply density for future e-mobility

City of Bochum development plan: No. 947

For sale: rehabilitated, developed plots ready for construction, subsidized with funds from the regional economic development program
Property sizes: from 3,000 sqm up, according to customer's needs - from small to large

The location: central location in the third largest conurbation are in Europe, particularly attractive for innovative, technology-oriented manufacturing companies, commercial businesses, research and development companies and related services

Direct connections to highways: A40, A43, A44 , A45, A448 (connecting segment under construction)
Bochum city center: approx. 3 km
Direct connections to local public transport network: trams, bus

Location. Location. Location.

Excellent international networks...

The Ruhr Area ranks among the best developed and most accessible regions in Europe. Due to our excellent street network you can reach over 60 million people in less than three hours whichever direction you choose to go. Over 40% of Europe's population lives within a 500km radius of Bochum.

...creating connections to major metropolitan areas...

Bochum, in the middle of the Ruhr Area, has a dense network of highways ensuring a fast and reliable connection to the most important regional markets. A direct connection to our Intercity Railway Network ensures an easy access to fast public transportation. 

On top of that, the six airports that can be reached within one hour, guarantee the shortest routes to every other vibrant metropolis in Europe. supported by outstanding local infrastructure.

MARK 51°7 is located in the city of short distances with short and easy routes to the city center and local research facilities. With its excellent connection to our local infrastructure, companies, employees and visitors can reach our site easily with cars or public transportation.


Property According to Customer's Needs

680,000 sqm of our site are available for new usage,

over 60% can be used for industrial and commercial purposes
(white fields indicate vacancies)

Energy and Communication Concept


Having such a gigantic area as a new development site creates new opportunities, especially considering new technologies for a sustainable and effective energy supply. For the first time, an area of 70 hectare will be supplied with geothermal power. An additional cooling network will give companies the opportunity to cool their buildings from a central source.


Charging poles for e-cars and e-bikes will be distributed all over MARK 51°7 and will be accessible not only for workers but also the general public. The installation of a strong fiber optic cable network is a fundamental addition to this innovative concept.


Lightning fast internet is a prerequisite for every company that wants to stay competitive, and therefore an essential part of MARK 51°7. Companies and institutions will have the opportunity to use an internet connection that exceeds 10 Gigabit/s; as well as direct connections to Amsterdam and Frankfurt, two of the most important hubs in Europe.

Why Bochum: Universities and Research Institutions

Bochum is the location for knowledge and research. The Ruhr University and six additional institutes create the UniverCity Bochum and strengthen research and development possibilities for businesses. Always up to date with scientific research - that's natural for Bochum.

Why Bochum: IT-Security

Security first: The necessity to communicate and inform increases immensely fast. The wish for secure information exchange and communication is heavily connected to this.

Why Bochum: BO-I-T

Research is the driving force for innovation. Bochum has enormous research capacities - use them! We will connect you to the right universities and find interesting projects for you.

Why Bochum: Center for Entrepreneurs

Our five centers of technology and entrepreneurship always have the right offer for you - it doesn't matter whether you´ll need an extra secure infrastructure as a high tech business, laboratories as a rising biotech start up, or a creative space for developing new ideas.

Why Bochum: Eastpark – New Living

With the new project 'Eastpark - New Living', Bochum aims to create a new residential area for people across generations from diverse backgrounds with various housing options. Approximately 1,000 residential units, from single family houses to apartment buildings, will be built in four development phases starting winter 2018/19.

Why Bochum: Musikforum Ruhr

The Musikforum Ruhr as a multifunctional building that includes the conversion of a church, is not only the architectural centre of the Viktoria Quarter but also acts as a concert hall and music school.

Why Bochum: Vision City Center

How do we want to work in the future? How do we want to live in Bochum, one of the biggest cities in the Ruhr Area? Answers to these questions are given in our survey Bochum 2030: Vision City Center.