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Our Vision

The Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH develops areas for companies that want to invest in technology-oriented and knowledge-based work and simultaneously seek the immediate proximity of modern research and teaching.

The Bochum Perspektive 2022 addresses mostly businesses that are interested in a flexible industrial, research and teaching environment.

Our Partnership

The Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH is a predominantly city managed company, whose sole responsibility is the preparation, development, and sale of industrial areas in Bochum that the Opel Automobile GmbH no longer uses.

As owners of this former GM/Opel plant, our team has the ambition to provide our clients with the best care possible. That’s why we have a team of experts from various fields, from consultation to negotiation.


Our Objective

Developing sites that are ready for construction and marketing these areas towards companies. This includes the disposal of physical structures, as well as the remediation of contaminated soil and mining damages.

Not only do we communicate all of these measures with companies as well as the public, we also initiate city development competitions to ensure a demand-driven infrastructure.


Excellent Connections

Bochum is a home for various corporations and strong medium-sized companies that create a diverse corporate landscape.

The Ruhr-University Bochum and eight additional institutes strengthen the research and development capacities of local companies, leading to success through innovation combined with advantageous conditions for production, service, trade, and craft.

To provide high-tech companies with an easy and cost-effective access to research and development to strengthen their competitiveness – that is our goal.

Prof. Dr. Rolf Heyer
Chief Executive Director of the Bochum Perspektive 2022 GmbH